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The Trials of Life: A Natural History of Behaviour is a BBC nature documentary series written and presented by David Attenborough, first transmitted in the UK from 4 October 1990.


A study in animal behaviour, it was the third in a trilogy of major series (beginning with Life on Earth) that took a broad overview of nature, rather than the more specialised surveys of Attenborough's later productions. Each of the twelve 50-minute episodes features a different aspect of the journey through life, from birth to adulthood and continuation of the species through reproduction.


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                        Ep. 1 - Arriving

                        Ep. 2 - Growing Up

                        Ep. 3 - Finding Food

                        Ep. 4 - Hunting and Escaping

                        Ep. 5 - Finding the Way

                        Ep. 6 - Home Making

                        Ep. 7 - Living Together

                        Ep. 8 - Fighting

                        Ep. 9 - Friends and Rivals

                        Ep. 10 - Talking to Strangers

                        Ep. 11 - Courting

                        Ep. 12 - Continuing the Line 

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