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Mai 09
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Himalaya with Michael Palin was a 2004 BBC television series presented by comedian and travel presenter Michael Palin. It records his six-month trip around the Himalaya mountain range area. The trip covered only 3,000 miles (4,800 km) horizontally, but involved a lot of vertical traveling, including several treks up into the mountains. The highest point attained by Michael Palin was Everest Base Camp at 17,500 feet (5,300 meters).


A book by the same name written by Palin was published to accompany the series. This book contained both Palin's text and many pictures by Basil Pao, the stills photographer on the team. Basil Pao also produced a separate book of the photographs he took during the journey, Inside Himalaya, a large coffee-table style book printed on glossy paper.


  Watch Online:


                       EPISODE 1 - North by Northwest

                       EPISODE 2 - A Passage to India

                       EPISODE 3 - Annapurna to Everest

                       EPISODE 4 - The Roof of the World

                       EPISODE 5 - Leaping Tiger, Naked Nagas

                       EPISODE 6 - Bhutan to the Bay of Bengal


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