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Nov 11
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Beginning in ancient Greece and Rome, historian Michael Wood (Legacy, The Story of India), leads an eye-opening tour through 2,500 years of Western art. Filmed at 150 locations in 8 countries, seen on PBS in the late 1980s, this acclaimed series reveals that art is more than paint on canvas or figures chipped from stone. Each work reflects the cultural forces, historical events, and social changes that defined its era.


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                 Episode 1: The Legacy of Greece

                 Episode 2: Imperial Stone - The Art of Rome
                 Episode 3: A White Garment of Churches
                 Episode 4: The Age of Gothic
                 Episode 5: The Early Renaissance in Italy
                 Episode 6: The Northern Renaissance
                 Episode 7: Heroic Ambitions
                 Episode 8: The Play of Light
                 Episode 9: The Birth of Baroque
                 Episode 10: Masters of Baroque 
                 Episode 11: The Age of Reason
                 Episode 12: The Passionate Eye
                 Episode 13: Painting the Modern World
                 Episode 14: Distanced Creations

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