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Mai 09
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Zeitgeist Addendum is separated into four parts. The first part criticizes the practice of the Fractional Reserve Banking system. The film tries to convey how the Federal Reserve, is creating money. The film goes on to explain how the Fed loans this newly created "debt money" to the U.S.treasury, in exchange for bonds. Since all this is done electronically, the money received from the Fed ends up as deposits in commercial banks, through the Fractional Reserve system, to be loaned to customers. It is argued in the movie, that since a Federal Reserve note (e.g. a dollar bill) is created as debt, it is has interest on top of it.



Zeitgeist Addendum - Legendado em Português

Zeitgeist Addendum - Official Release in Spanish (subtítulos en español)

Zeitgeist Addendum - Deutsch / German synchronisiert

Zeitgeist Addendum - Doppiato Italiano

Zeitgeist Addendum - Nederlandse Ondertiteling

Zeitgeist Addendum - Version Française

Дух Времени - приложение / Zeitgeist Addendum Rus

Zeitgeist Addendum - Magyar Szinkronnal


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