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Mai 09
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With over 4,000 years of history stretched between 2500 miles of coastline, stunning northern mountain scenery and two steamy river deltas, Vietnam clings determinedly to the eastern half of the Indochinese peninsula. It's a nation of survivors, as any 20th century historybook will tell you, and it's now become the next big travel destination in South East Asia. The country's economy is developing as fast as the country's millions of motorbikes can rev, and in lightning speed, Vietnam is rapidly shedding it's outdated image of a war torn nation.


From Versace chic meets Communist dogma in Saigon to epic lagoons and coastlines, whether its lying on a beach, gorging on delicious spring rolls and grilled prawns, exchanging smiles with some of the world's freindliest people, or attempting to count the different shades of green in the verdant agricultural regions, it's all waiting for you in Vietnam, the Land of the Descending Dragon.



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