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Jul 09
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Once Upon a Time in Iran is a road movie featuring pilgrims and presidents: a journey to the spiritual heartlands of the Iranian people and a tale of martyrdom that has helped define their view of aggressors and the outside world.


Directed by BAFTA award-winner Kevin Sim - this documentary follows pilgrims on a breathtaking spiritual journey through Iran and Iraq. It reveals how the murder of Husayn ibn Ali at the Battle of Karbala in 680 CE still shapes Iranian identity. The anniversary of his death is called Ashura and it is a day of mourning and religious observance for Shi'ah Muslims. The film follows a group of ordinary Iranians to the source of this tale - on pilgrimage to Kerbala. All the pilgrims travel to Iraq in the knowledge that increasingly in recent months these Shi'a shrines - and Shi'a pilgrims - have become targets of Iraqi Sunni attacks.



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