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Jul 09
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The German documentary "New Swirled Order" looks at crop circles in a scientific and critical way, trying to get at the mystery behind these incredibly intricate geometrical designs found in fields all over the world. Crop circle experts such as Michael Glickman, Andreas Müller, Bert Janssen, Nancy Talbot and others discuss their opinions about crop circles and the results of years of research, photographs, and books written about them.


The documentary provides some scientific analysis of the crop circle phenomenon and views about the possible cultural and psychological relevance of these shapes. They discuss other instances of geometrical patterns in nature, such as the waveform patterns made when water is exposed to sound frequencies, and the natural form of geometries in things like flowers, seashells, and the feathers of a peacock. Several crop circles are given specific detailed analysis, including the Arecibo Chilbolton formations, which some consider to be messages about alien intelligence, and formations that a number of enthusiasts think represent the Mayan calendar and 2012.




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