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Ago 09
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Zelig is the completely fictional, highly entertaining documentary of the chameleon-man, Leonard Zelig. Played by Allen, Zelig is a man first noticed at a party by F. Scott Fitzgerald, who has the ability to turn in to other people when surrounded by them. For example, if he is among doctors, he transforms into a doctor, if around overweight people, he quickly becomes heavy himself. It´s not an ability, it's more of a coping mechanism for Zelig. As he admits in psychiatric care, he wants to fit in so badly that he literally becomes whoever he is with. It is a typically briliant set-up for a Woody Allen film, yet it never plays like a film (indeed there are only a handful of scenes in the entire film). Instead, he uses pictures, voice-over narration, and interviews with surviving people who knew him to tell this unusual story.



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