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Ago 09
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In an engaging narrative that draws on interviews with U.S. and Soviet scientists and astronauts, state-of-the-art computer graphics, and space-race archives, David McNab and James Younger reveal the wonders of the planets. With the help of striking pictures from the Apollo, Voyager, Pioneer and Viking space missions, the authors describe planetary marvels: volcanoes three times the size of Mount Everest, worlds with seas of methane, rivers of lava longer than the Nile, clouds of sulphuric acid and frosts of pure shining metal. They also investigate the possibilities of life elsewhere in the Solar System, present a new perspective on the Sun and on the Earth's atmosphere and speculate about the evolution of the Solar System over the next five billion years - to what may be its death.


The Planets, invites us on an amazing adventure, one that will stretch the imagination to its limit.


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                       Episode 1 - Different Worlds
                       Episode 2 - Terra Firma

                       Episode 3 - Giants

                       Episode 4 - Moon

                       Episode 5 - Star

                       Episode 6 - Atmosphere

                       Episode 7 - Life

                       Episode 8 - Destiny


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