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Ago 09
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This documentary series features controversial author, adventurer and scholar-mystic Graham Hancock comparing ancient monuments around the world and finding what he postulates is evidence of an advanced ancient civilization that may have existed in 10,500 B.C. This volume includes footage of the pyramids of Mexico and Egypt, the ruins of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, the monumental head statues on Easter Island, and the megaliths of Peru and Bolivia.


Accompanied by his wife Santha Faiia - whose sumptuous photographs illuminate the quest - and exquisitely portray the wonder and beauty of the ancient sites - Graham takes the reader on a remarkable odyssey - of sunken cities, and hidden chambers, of myth and magic - and astounding archaeological revelations - which builds to a staggering conclusion forcing us to reconsider our conception of the origins of man.


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                               EPISODE 1 - Heaven's Mirror

                               EPISODE 2 - Forgotten Knowledge

                               EPISODE 3 - Ancient Mariners



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