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Ago 09
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For over two millennia, India has been at the centre of world history. But how did India come to be? What is India? These are the big questions behind this intrepid journey around the contemporary subcontinent. In this landmark series, historian and acclaimed writer Michael Wood embarks on a dazzling and exciting expedition through today's India, looking to the present for clues to her past, and to the past for clues to her future. The journey takes the viewer through majestic landscapes and reveals some of the greatest monuments and artistic treasures on Earth. From Buddhism to Bollywood, from mathematics to outsourcing, Michael Wood discovers India's impact on history - and on us. 


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                               1: Beginnings

                               2: The Power of Ideas

                               3: Spice Routes and Silk Roads

                               4: Ages of Gold

                               5: The Meeting of Two Oceans

                               6: Freedom

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