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Fev 10
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Camels plodding across the desert, and a sense of timelessness evoked by Kitaro's theme music…. NHK devoted 17 years to the planning, shooting and production of The Silk Road, which unearthed trade routes linking long-lost civilizations of East and West. A landmark in broadcasting history, this series told the story of the rise and fall of ancient civilizations.


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 Episode 1 - Glories of Ancient Chang-an

 Episode 2 - A Thousand Kilometers Beyond the Yellow River

 Episode 3 - The Art Gallery in the Desert

 Episode 4 - The Dark Castle

 Episode 5 - In Search of the Kingdom of Loulan

 Episode 6 - Across the Taklamakan Desert

 Episode 7 - Khotan, Oasis of Silk snd Jade

 Episode 8 - A Heat Wave called Turfan

 Episode 9 - Through the Tian Shan Mountains by Rail

 Episode 10 - Journey into Music: South through the Tian Shan Mountains

 Episode 11 - Where Horses Fly like the Wind

 Episode 12 - Two Roads to the Pamirs


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