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Dez 11
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Patagonia lies at the lower tip of South America. Amid a field of ice caps and glaciers, Tony arrives at "the end of the world," but chooses to begin his journey in colorful Buenos Aires.


Dez 10



As the largest city in Turkey, Istanbul is home to vibrant and diverse cultures and cuisine. Tony explores this massive city, meeting new friends and tasting world-class food along the way.



Set 10
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Tony explores the lush culture of Indonesia to discover what makes ex-pats want to stay. Along the way, he discovers the rich history and cuisine of Jakarta and Bali.



Jul 10
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A duck farm and processing plant allows Tony to learn how foie gras is packaged. He is a guest instructor at the Montreal Culinary Institute. And, Tony gets the opportunity to take the ice with a local college hockey team.


Abr 10
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Tony and Zamir have had many adventures. This time they're in Romania to celebrate Zamir's birthday. Along the way, they learn about vampires, communists, and the strong cultural history of Romania.


Mar 10
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Chile's cuisine reflects its topographical diversity, consisting of gorgeous landscapes, beautiful mountains, and breathtaking flora and fauna. While there, Tony not only samples delicious cuisine but also does some exploring in this land of extremes.


Fev 10
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In this episode of No Reservations, Tony visits Azores which is a Portuguese Island about 3,900 km (2,400 mi) from the east coast of North America.


While there he discusses the rise of ecotourism and samples gastronomic treats that make this cluster of islands so unique. Anthony Bourdain worked in kitchens with many generations of Azorean-Portuguese immigrants, and so decided it was time to find out more about their culture.


Jan 10
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Anthony Bourdain takes a much-anticipated trip to Asia to visit the two main hubs of "mother cuisine": Japan and China. While both Japan and China are vastly different in terms of their history, traditions, and gastronomy. Anthony's goal is to explore those differences but also enjoy something at which they both excel - food!


A culinary tour of Asia includes Osaka, Japan, where Bourdain samples sushi at an underground bar and participates in rituals and festivals; and a trip to Beijing, China, for some Peking duck. Also: a visit to the Jianfu Temple, center of Taoism during the Tang Dynasty.


Jan 10
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Anthony Bourdain is off to investigate Sweden, "a land of contrasts." He is hoping to dispel the myths of tall blonds, Swedish meatballs, and ABBA.


Jan 10
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India is a land of color, aroma, kind people, and delicious cuisine. Anthony heads off to the more desolate region of Rajasthan in the northwest corner of the continent, where he attends a birthday party and explores life in this magical region.



Out 09
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Tony gives in to pressure from one of his office staff and travels to Korea. His condition? Nari (the assistant) must come with him and guide him through Korean cuisine, customs and culture.


Out 09
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When one travels, memories, and most importantly friends, are the journey's reward. Zamir, an old trusted comrade, has invited Tony to a friend's wedding celebration in the former Russian Republic of Uzbekistan. This ancient Central Asian land, mostly hidden from foreign eyes for centuries, is a place of teeming bazaars and spectacular architecture, comprising domains once ruled by Alexander, Genghis Kahn and Tamerlane. Tony is in for a wild trip as he journeys through Uzbekistan's 2000-year-old capital, Tashkent, dines at Jumanji, and goes to a bellydancing club. And Tony gets acquainted with the culture by visiting a local mosque, takes a Kurash lesson, and shops for a wedding present.


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