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Nov 11
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Beginning in ancient Greece and Rome, historian Michael Wood (Legacy, The Story of India), leads an eye-opening tour through 2,500 years of Western art. Filmed at 150 locations in 8 countries, seen on PBS in the late 1980s, this acclaimed series reveals that art is more than paint on canvas or figures chipped from stone. Each work reflects the cultural forces, historical events, and social changes that defined its era.


          Watch Online:


                 Episode 1: The Legacy of Greece

                 Episode 2: Imperial Stone - The Art of Rome
                 Episode 3: A White Garment of Churches
                 Episode 4: The Age of Gothic
                 Episode 5: The Early Renaissance in Italy
                 Episode 6: The Northern Renaissance
                 Episode 7: Heroic Ambitions
                 Episode 8: The Play of Light
                 Episode 9: The Birth of Baroque
                 Episode 10: Masters of Baroque 
                 Episode 11: The Age of Reason
                 Episode 12: The Passionate Eye
                 Episode 13: Painting the Modern World
                 Episode 14: Distanced Creations

Fev 11
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Matthew Collings will reappraise the Impressionists. The four stars are Courbet, Manet, Monet and Cezanne. In two hours their stories and their art will intertwine. Matt will unpack the principles of Impressionism - the strength of colour, the flatness, the patterning and the way in which ordinary life is pictured with startling truth - and argue that this is the best thing that has ever happened in modern art. He will also show that although the contemporary art world seemingly despises Impressionism it is only because of Impressionism that the avant-garde came to be.


Dez 10
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This short film, based entirely on Gauguin's letters from the late 1900s, explores the artist's transition from conventional family man to avant-garde pioneer and maverick leader of the post-impressionist movement.


        Watch Online:


                     The Art and Letters of Gauguin

Out 10
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This Is Modern Art was a six-part TV series written and presented by the English art critic Matthew Collings. It was broadcast in 1998 on Channel 4.


This series became popular both because of its sometimes jokey and sometimes thoughtful explanations of the work and attitude of a new wave of artists that had recently been publicized in the British mass media, and because of its author's witty and irreverent, though clearly highly informed, commentary style.


      Watch Online:


                       Part 1 - I Am A Genius

                       Part 2 - Shock! Horror!

                       Part 3 - Lovely, Lovely

                       Part 4 - Nothing Matters

                       Part 5 - Hollow Laughter

                       Part 6 - The Shock Of The Now

Out 10
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Produced in association with the Estate of Francis Bacon, this film explores many of his key canvases (which have been newly filmed in Hi-Definition). The works are complemented solely with Bacon’s own words, recorded by an actor. The artist’s biography is outlined, but the focus is on his ideas: his thoughts about his work, and his reflections about how and why he paints. The result is a rigorous and revealing portrait of one of the few artists who has truly changed the way we see and understand ourselves.


Ago 10
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Mathew Collings makes a personal selection of the greatest artistic moments and monuments from history to examine how they have shaped our world. He embarks on an epic journey, to stunning locations across Europe, Egypt, China and the United States, to explore the changing ways in which cultures of the past have shaped our civilisation. In doing so, he offers a unique perspective on today’s social and political issues.


           Watch Online:


                             Episode 1 - Ye Gods

                             Episode 2 - Feelings

                             Episode 3 - Save Our Souls

                             Episode 4 - Uncertainty

Jul 10
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The Tribal Eye is a seven-part BBC documentary series on the subject of Tribal art, written and presented by David Attenborough. It was first transmitted in 1975.


 Watch Online:


                 Part 1 - Behind the Mask

                 Part 2 - Crooked Beak of Heaven

                 Part 3 - The Sweat of the Sun

                 Part 4 - Kingdom of Bronze

                 Part 5 - Woven Gardens

                 Part 6 - Man Blong Custom

                 Part 7 - Across the Frontiers

Jul 10
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This four part series, presented by Andrew Graham-Dixon, explores how drawing has shaped our lives. Join him to discover the history of drawing and its relevance to the modern world.


        Watch Online:


                            Episode 1 - The Line of Enquiry

                            Episode 2 - Storylines

                            Episode 3 - All in the Mind

                            Episode 4 - Drawing by Design


Jan 10
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Focusing on eight iconic works of art such as Caravaggio's David and Goliath, David's Death of Marat and Picasso's Guernica, this series reveals the history of visual imagination through the ages. A combination of dramatic reconstruction, spectacular photography and Simon Schama's unique and personal style transport the viewer back to the intense moments the great works were conceived and born; from the murderous world of baroque Rome; paranoid, revolutionary Paris and the carnage of civil war Spain to the paradox of 1950s New York, caught between Cold War jitters and Manhattan glitter. Simon Schama's Power of Art is the epic story of an unfolding force, a chance to witness the power of the individuals who changed the way we view the world.


            Watch Online:


                                  Ep. 1 - Caravaggio

                                  Ep. 2 - Bernini

                                  Ep. 3 - Rembrandt

                                  Ep. 4 - David

                                  Ep. 5 - Turner

                                  Ep. 6 - Van Gogh

                                  Ep. 7 - Picasso

                                  Ep. 8 - Rothko


Dez 09
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Pink Floyd The Wall is a 1982 musical film by British director Alan Parker based on the 1979 Pink Floyd album The Wall. The screenplay was written by Pink Floyd vocalist and bassist Roger Waters. The film is highly metaphorical and is rich in symbolic imagery and sound. It features very little dialogue and is mainly driven by Pink Floyd's music.



Dez 09
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Excellent documentary discussing the art and history of Tibet, focusing on a massive art restoration project. The Thubchen monastery has long been a hallmark of Buddhist art, with its elaborate wall paintings.


This documentary of PBS Nova chronicles how the pictures came to be, and the battle over how to preserve them.


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Set 09
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A major 14 part television series in which art historian Tim Marlow takes a fresh look at the most important artworks of some of the greatest artists in history. Shot on location in over 50 galleries, museums, churches and palaces throughout Europe and the United States, this series is a comprehensive survey of the history of Western art. Both intelligent and informative, the series aims to provide an uncomplicated and accessible analysis of the works and artists featured including Giotto, Michelangelo and Raphael.


           Watch Online:


                                 1. Giotto

                                 2. Leonardo
                                 3. Durer
                                 4. Michelangelo
                                 5. Rafael
                                 6. Titian
                                 7. Bruegel
                                 8. El Greco
                                 9. Rubens
                               10. Velazquez
                               11. Rembrandt
                               12. Vermeer
                               13. Turner
                               14. Van Gogh

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