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Jun 09
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Documentary exploring the myth surrounding the scarcity of diamonds and how their inflated value was created and maintained by the diamond cartel. Chronicles the history of one such family -- the Oppenheimers of South Africa.


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Mai 09
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They spend their days sifting through reams of market research data. They conduct endless surveys and focus groups. They comb the streets, the schools, and the malls, hot on the trail of the "next big thing" that will snare the attention of their prey--a market segment worth an estimated $150 billion a year. They are the merchants of cool: creators and sellers of popular culture who have made teenagers the hottest consumer demographic in America. But are they simply reflecting teen desires or have they begun to manufacture those desires in a bid to secure this lucrative market? And have they gone too far in their attempts to reach the hearts and wallets of America's youth?


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