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Mai 09
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The ILLUMINATI draws on historical records, footage and photos which take the viewer on a voyage of discovery - it starts with the JFK assassination, through the dark depths of the two Gulf 'Wars', and brings you bang up to date with details of how members of the SKULL & BONES secret society engineered the 2000 and the 2004 U.S. Presidential Elections.


The Illuminati takes you deep into the forests of Northern California with secretly filmed footage courtesy of Alex Jones, exposing the Bohemian Club's annual rituals and mock sacrifices - ceremonies which have been attended for years by U.S. Presidents, Vice-Presidents and CEO's from the world's largest corporations. the Illuminati journeys to Tibet where China - the nation which George Bush describes as 'America'a Most Favoured Nation' are routinely beating and torturing innocent Tibetan monks.


It exposes how senior members of the British Royal Family were members of HITLER's SS. We then voyage deep into the heart of Westminster and expose the fact that Freemasonic temples exist within the House of Commons and that the Queen of England is Grand Patronness of International World Freemasonry.


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                                   1. The illuminati

                                   2. The Antichrist Conspiracy

                                   3. Murdered by the Monarchs

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The Lightbringers is a clear and concise look at Freemasonry. Juri Lina covers the Masonic connections to the Knights Templar, the Illuminati and their demonic practices of the worship of Jahbulon, a triune satanic deity which is a combination of Jahovah, Baal, and Osiris.


These light bringers are not in the practice of spreading the light of truth, but the light of deception. The light is seen and used by the Masons as a way to blind and deceive. Consider the fact that the television is a projector of light and how it is used to brainwash and mislead the masses. This is why among Satanist, Lucifer is known as the "light bringer."


With the projections of Masonic light the whole world is being corrupted and lead astray by their international intrigue.



Mai 09
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This movie will reveal everything about what is going on with the world. From the Freemasons to the Illuminati, 9-11 and the year 2012.


(ESOTERIC AGENDA con subtitulos en Español)


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