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Nov 11
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Beginning in ancient Greece and Rome, historian Michael Wood (Legacy, The Story of India), leads an eye-opening tour through 2,500 years of Western art. Filmed at 150 locations in 8 countries, seen on PBS in the late 1980s, this acclaimed series reveals that art is more than paint on canvas or figures chipped from stone. Each work reflects the cultural forces, historical events, and social changes that defined its era.


          Watch Online:


                 Episode 1: The Legacy of Greece

                 Episode 2: Imperial Stone - The Art of Rome
                 Episode 3: A White Garment of Churches
                 Episode 4: The Age of Gothic
                 Episode 5: The Early Renaissance in Italy
                 Episode 6: The Northern Renaissance
                 Episode 7: Heroic Ambitions
                 Episode 8: The Play of Light
                 Episode 9: The Birth of Baroque
                 Episode 10: Masters of Baroque 
                 Episode 11: The Age of Reason
                 Episode 12: The Passionate Eye
                 Episode 13: Painting the Modern World
                 Episode 14: Distanced Creations

Nov 09
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In this companion to a forthcoming PBS series, Wood journeys to some of the remotest places on earth in search of four of mankind's most powerful myths: Shangri-La, Jason and the Golden Fleece, the Queen of Sheba, and King Arthur.


         Watch Online:


                           EPISODE 1 - The Queen of Sheba

                           EPISODE 2 - In Search of Shangri-La

                           EPISODE 3 - King Arthur: The Once and Future King

                           EPISODE 4 - Jason and the Golden Fleece

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Nov 09
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British filmmaker Michael Wood embarks on an idiosyncratic journey of 20,000 miles tracing the expedition of Alexander the Great in this captivating documentary. Relying on the words of Greek and Roman historians, Wood sought to follow Alexander's route of world conquest as closely as possible, and it is simply amazing how much folklore about the great general he is able to pick up on the way. Beginning in Greece and proceeding through 16 countries, including Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Iran, Afghanistan, and India, Wood listens intently to local storytellers who are still passing down the legends of Alexander.


             Watch Online:


                            EPISODE 1 - Son of God

                            EPISODE 2 - Lord of Asia

                            EPISODE 3 - Across the Hindu Kush

                            EPISODE 4 - To the Ends of the Earth

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Set 09
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Originally broadcast in 1985, In Search of the Trojan War followed the successful formula established by his first historical detective series, In Search of the Dark Ages, and firmly established Michael Wood as the most personable of TV historians. Wood is not only a born TV presenter, he's got both the academic gravitas and the narrative skill to craft a compelling mystery from the archaeological, literary and mythological sources. Over six hour-long programs, Wood marshals the disparate strands of evidence to present as fully rounded a portrait as possible of both the historical and the legendary city of Troy, its central place in Western culture, and the Mycenaean Age itself.


                Watch Online:


                         EPISODE 1 - The Age of the Heroes

                         EPISODE 2 - The Legend Under Siege

                         EPISODE 3 - The Singer of Tales

                         EPISODE 4 - The Women of Troy

                         EPISODE 5 - The Empire of the Hittites

                         EPISODE 6 - The Fall of Troy

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Ago 09
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For over two millennia, India has been at the centre of world history. But how did India come to be? What is India? These are the big questions behind this intrepid journey around the contemporary subcontinent. In this landmark series, historian and acclaimed writer Michael Wood embarks on a dazzling and exciting expedition through today's India, looking to the present for clues to her past, and to the past for clues to her future. The journey takes the viewer through majestic landscapes and reveals some of the greatest monuments and artistic treasures on Earth. From Buddhism to Bollywood, from mathematics to outsourcing, Michael Wood discovers India's impact on history - and on us. 


          Watch Online:


                               1: Beginnings

                               2: The Power of Ideas

                               3: Spice Routes and Silk Roads

                               4: Ages of Gold

                               5: The Meeting of Two Oceans

                               6: Freedom

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Ago 09
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The Spanish conquest of the Americas in the sixteenth century was one of the most cataclysmic events in history. Spanish expeditions had to endure the most unbelievable hardships to open up the lands of the New World. Few stories, if any, in history match these for sheer drama, endurance and distance covered. In conquistadors Michael Woods travels in the footsteps of some of the greatest of the Spanish adventures, from Amazonia to Lake Titicaca, and from the desserts of North Mexico to the heights of Macchu Picchu.


        Watch Online:


                        1. The Fall of the Aztecs

                        2. The Conquest of the Incas

                        3. The Search for El Dorado

                        4. All the World is Human

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Jul 09
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Historian Michael Wood stands in the Iraqi desert amid crumbling ruins and dry desolation. He describes a once-thriving metropolis, where merchants brought their goods into the city over a network of lush canals. All that remains is a sea of golden sand, the once-large population drifted away, the comples society vanished. As the world approaches the 21st century, this new series reminds us that other nations and cultures prospered for hundreds or even thousands of years. Now all that remains is the legacy of their civilizations, present and influential in our own.


Watch Online: 

  1. Iraq: Cradle of Civilization
  2. India: The Empire of the Spirit
  3. China: The Mandate of Heaven
  4. Egypt: The Habit of Civilization
  5. Central America: The Burden of Time
  6. The Barbarian West
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