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Nov 10
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In this Timewatch special, historian Bettany Hughes unravels one of the most intriguing mysteries of all time. She presents a series of geological, archaeological and historical clues to show that the legend of Atlantis was inspired by a real historical event - the greatest natural disaster of the ancient world.



Jan 10
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In this explosive new work of archaeological detection, bestselling author and renowned explorer Graham Hancock embarks on a captivating underwater voyage to find the ruins of a mythical lost civilization hidden for thousands of years beneath the world’s oceans.


Guided by cutting-edge science, innovative computer-mapping techniques, and the latest archaeological scholarship, Hancock examines the mystery at the end of the last Ice Age and delivers astonishing revelations that challenge our long-held views about the existence of a sunken universe built on the ocean floor.


You will be captivated by Underworld, a provocative documentary that is both a compelling piece of hard evidence for a fascinating forgotten episode in human history and a completely new explanation for the origins of civilization as we know it.


                      Watch Online:


                                  UNDERWORLD - Part 1

                                  UNDERWORLD - Part 2


Dez 09
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Ancient Astronauts is a brilliant documentary connecting the ancient use of entheogens, the shaman's vision quest and our extraterrestrial history and a deep connection with the spirit world which our ancestors were aware of helping them tune into higher mystical dimensions of cosmic consciousness.



Set 09
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The newest film from Ben Stewart, creator of the Esoteric Agenda. The questions that have remained timeless and profound throughout history have been all but left for dead. There have been messages left in scripture, archeological remains, shamanic traditions, philosophy, poetry, art and music. As we move closer to an apex of technological and intellectual information, we find ourselves farther and farther away from feeling any comfort or wholeness within our hearts and souls. Yet even though the concept of spirituality should have been long gone by now, we are seeing an awakening among people and a growing desire for truth.


                        KYMATICA - Subtitulos en Español


Set 09
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Bosnian pyramids refers to an area located around Visočica hill (or Grad hill), in the Bosnia and Herzegovina town of Visoko, northwest of Sarajevo (located at 43°58′40″N 18°10′38″E), which became the focus of international attention in October 2005 following a news-media campaign promoting the false idea that it is actually the largest of a group of ancient man-made pyramids.


The 213 metre Visočica hill, upon which the Old town of Visoki was once sited, is roughly pyramid-shaped. The idea that it constitutes an ancient artificial edifice was publicised by Bosnian author and metalworker Semir Osmanagić who currently is based in Houston, USA. His subsequent excavations at the site have uncovered what he claims to be a paved entrance plateau and tunnels, as well as stone blocks and ancient mortar which he has suggested once covered the structure. Osmanagić has claimed that the dig involved an international team of archaeologists from Australia, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Scotland and Slovenia. However, many archaeologists he named have stated they had not agreed to participate and were never at the site. The dig began in April 2006.



More information about the Bosnian Pyramids:

Semir Sam Osmanagich - The Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids





Ago 09
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December 21, 2012: the end date of the sophisticated Long Count Calendar created by the ancient Maya in Central America. Countless books and websites, magazine articles and newspaper headlines debate its meaning, with enthusiasts in two camps: those forecasting apocalypse–the end of time–and those who see a coming renewal, a rebirth of consciousness.


Adding fuel to the debate, some scientists see the increasing number of natural disasters in recent years as evidence of a catastrophic climax of events in 2012. How much of what we're hearing is science and how much is superstition? In this film the leading researchers, writers and scientists in the field tell us exactly what this date means to them, why it's important, and what we should expect.


Featured in the film are Graham Hancock, John Major Jenkins, Daniel Pinchbeck, Alberto Villoldo, Anthony Aveni, Robert Bauval, Jim Marrs, Walter Cruttenden, Lawrence E. Joseph, Alonso Mendez, Douglas Rushkoff, John Anthony West and Benito Vegas Duran.




Ago 09
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This documentary series features controversial author, adventurer and scholar-mystic Graham Hancock comparing ancient monuments around the world and finding what he postulates is evidence of an advanced ancient civilization that may have existed in 10,500 B.C. This volume includes footage of the pyramids of Mexico and Egypt, the ruins of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, the monumental head statues on Easter Island, and the megaliths of Peru and Bolivia.


Accompanied by his wife Santha Faiia - whose sumptuous photographs illuminate the quest - and exquisitely portray the wonder and beauty of the ancient sites - Graham takes the reader on a remarkable odyssey - of sunken cities, and hidden chambers, of myth and magic - and astounding archaeological revelations - which builds to a staggering conclusion forcing us to reconsider our conception of the origins of man.


             Watch Online:


                               EPISODE 1 - Heaven's Mirror

                               EPISODE 2 - Forgotten Knowledge

                               EPISODE 3 - Ancient Mariners



Ago 09
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"There is another side of Egypt that is not so widely known. Egypt is also the land of secrets. Another history, a secret history, tells of Egypt as the inheritor of deep wisdom and magical ability from an even earlier culture. It is the account of the Egyptians themselves. This alternate history is echoed by parallel accounts from the myth and history of other ancient cultures, as well as myriad secret societies and occult sources. The remarkable number of parallels in these stories provides a unique window into this other Egypt."


A new kind of counterculture is emerging around the unexpected discoveries of a small but growing circle of scientists, authors and researchers. The focal point of this counterculture centers on an alternative interpretation of ancient Egypt - not as mankind's earliest attempts at primitive civilization, but as a fully developed, and inexplicably advanced culture, who's scientific and metaphysical achievements we are only beginning to fully appreciate. (Excerpt from Official Website)


Watch Online:


    1. The Invisible Science 

    2. The Old Kingdom   part1  part2  part3  part4  part5
The Temple in Man
Navigating the Afterlife 



Jul 09
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Born on April 14th, 1935, in Zofingen, Switzerland, Erich von Daniken was educated at the College St-Michel in Fribourg, where already as a student he occupied his time with the study of the ancient holy writings. While managing director of a Swiss 5-Star Hotel, he wrote his first book, Chariots of the Gods, which was an immediate bestseller in the United States, Germany, and later in 38 other countries. In the United States, Erich von Daniken won instant fame as a result of the television special “In Search of Ancient Astronauts,” based upon his first book. In 1993, the German television station SAT-1 started a twenty-five part TV series with and by Erich von Daniken, entitled “Auf den Spuren der All-Machtigen” (Pathways of the Gods). In 1996, the American TV company ABC/Kane produced a one-hour special, filmed all over the world, entitled Chariots of the Gods – The Mysteries Continue. This film was broadcast on the ABC network on September 26th 1996. In 1996/97 ABC/Kane produced another documentary with Erich von Daniken (seen on the Discovery Channel). In Germany, the biggest TV network, RTL, showed the film on November 26th, 1996. 7,7 million viewers in Germany alone watched the program. Today, Erich von Daniken continues his filming with ABC and RTL.


(Search for Ancient Technology with Dutch Subtitles)



Jul 09
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The German documentary "New Swirled Order" looks at crop circles in a scientific and critical way, trying to get at the mystery behind these incredibly intricate geometrical designs found in fields all over the world. Crop circle experts such as Michael Glickman, Andreas Müller, Bert Janssen, Nancy Talbot and others discuss their opinions about crop circles and the results of years of research, photographs, and books written about them.


The documentary provides some scientific analysis of the crop circle phenomenon and views about the possible cultural and psychological relevance of these shapes. They discuss other instances of geometrical patterns in nature, such as the waveform patterns made when water is exposed to sound frequencies, and the natural form of geometries in things like flowers, seashells, and the feathers of a peacock. Several crop circles are given specific detailed analysis, including the Arecibo Chilbolton formations, which some consider to be messages about alien intelligence, and formations that a number of enthusiasts think represent the Mayan calendar and 2012.




Jul 09
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Is the Sphinx older than Egyptologist claim. Look at this documentary and see what geologists say about the erosion on the Sphinx and its enclosure. The Sphinx was eroded by water, and is alligned too the stars of the constellation Leo as it appeared in 10,500 BC.



Mai 09
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A feature length 2 hour documentary exposing the hidden history of NASA, and the organisation's links to The Illuminati network of Secret Societies. This film exposes NASA's secret space programme controlled by senior Occultists. Analisis of UFO footage filmed by NASA astronauts whilst aboard the Space Shuttle and ask if NASA has secretly made contact with extraterrestrials.



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