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Set 10
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In this spellbinding series Professor Brian Cox visits the most extreme locations on Earth to explain how the laws of physics carved natural wonders across the solar system.


      Watch Online:


                          1 - Empire of the Sun

                          2 - Order Out of Chaos

                          3 - The Thin Blue Line

                          4 - Dead or Alive

                          5 - Aliens


Ago 10
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In the summer of 1939 Albert Einstein was on holiday in a small resort town on the tip of Long Island. His peaceful summer, however, was about to be shattered by a visit from an old friend and colleague from his years in Berlin. The visitor was the physicist Leo Szilard. He had come to tell Einstein that he feared the Nazis could soon be in possession of a terrible new weapon and that something had to be done.




Jul 10
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Particle physicist and ex D:Ream keyboard player Dr Brian Cox wants to know why the Universe is built the way it is. He believes the answers lie in the force of gravity. But Newton thought gravity was powered by God, and even Einstein failed to completely solve it. Heading out with his film crew on a road trip across the USA, Brian fires lasers at the moon in Texas, goes mad in the desert in Arizona, encounters the bending of space and time at a maximum security military base, tries to detect ripples in our reality in the swamps of Louisiana and searches for hidden dimensions just outside Chicago.




Mai 10
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Science in the twenty-first century inherits a fantastic record of accomplishment. Yet there remain enormous questions to answer - some of them revealed by those very past successes. Why is 95 per cent of the universe undetectable dark matter', and does it control the cosmos - how it began, its eventual fate and whether it is finite or infinite? Is our universe the only one, or could there be an infinity of others? Do other universes operate on different physical laws. Is there complex life in other star systems. If so, how far could it outstrip our intelligence? Could a sufficiently advanced life form even create new universes to its own design?  Britain's best-known commentator on the most profound questions in science looks at whether they could be answered and asks, if they are, will the human brain be capable of comprehending the results? What we Still Don't Know looks beyond the edge of current scientific understanding, and poses problems for a new generation of inquiry.


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                        Ep. 1 - Are We Alone?

                        Ep. 2 - Why Are We Here?

                        Ep. 3 - Are We Real?


Abr 10
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Out in deepest space lurks a force of almost unimaginable power. Explosions of extraordinary violence, are blasting through the Universe every day. If one ever struck our Solar System it would destroy our Sun and all the planets.


 For years no one could work out what was causing these awesome explosions. Now scientists think they have identified the culprit. It's the most extreme object ever found in the Universe; they have christened it a 'hypernova'.



Fev 10
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Like the plot of a sci-fi B movie, something weird is happening deep underground where the constant spin of Earth's liquid metallic core generates an invisible magnetic force field that shields our planet from harmful radiation in space. Gradually, the field is growing weaker. Could we be heading for a demagnetized doomsday that will leave us defenseless against the lethal effects of solar wind and cosmic rays? "Magnetic Storm" looks into our potentially unsettling magnetic future.



Fev 10
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This is the story of a journey through space and time revealed by a telescope called Hubble. Published as part of the European Space Agency’s 15th anniversary celebration, presents the exquisite color images for which the telescope has become famous. Hubble has pushed the limit of our knowledge far beyond anything possible before its launch. Super-sharp images, such as those found here, have enabled astronomers to gain entirely new insights into the workings of a huge range of different astronomical objects.



Jan 10
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The great PBS science series Nova scores another hit with Mars: Dead or Alive, capturing all the excitement surrounding the Mars rover landings of early 2004. Originally broadcast just as the first of the twin rovers ("Spirit" and "Opportunity") was experiencing temporary communication problems with Earth-bound mission controllers, this riveting hour-long episode chronicles the risky $820 million Mars Exploration Rover (MER) project from design to touchdown, dramatically illustrating (through the use of detailed simulations and sophisticated computer animation) the considerable chances of failure--a nail-biting gamble considering that fully two-thirds of all previous Mars missions never reached their destination.



Dez 09
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Astronomers are closing in on the proof they’ve sought for years that one of the most destructive objects in the universe – a super massive black hole – lurks at the center of our own galaxy. Could it flare up and consume our entire galactic neighborhood?


NOVA takes us on a mind-bending investigation into one of the most bizarre corners of cosmological science: black hole research. From event horizon to singularity, the elusive secrets of supermassive black holes are revealed through stunning computer-generated imagery, including an extraordinary simulation of what it might look like to fall into the belly of such an all-devouring beast.



Dez 09
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There was a time, not so long ago, when science seemed to understand how the universe worked. Everything – us, the Earth, the stars and even exotic-sounding supernovae – was made of atoms which were all created at time-zero: the Big Bang. In between the atoms was nothing, a void: quite literally, 'space'.


But recently things have started to unravel. There is, it seems, a lot more to the universe than meets the eye. According to the best estimates, we only really know what about 4% of it is made of. But if only 4% is made of atoms, what about the rest? The rest is made of mysterious entities about which very little is understood, with equally mysterious names: dark matter and dark energy.



Nov 09
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Nikola Tesla is considered the father of our modern technological age. This program reveals the discoveries of a forgotten genius, many of which went unnoticed for nearly a century. How did this obscure visionary from what is now Yugoslavia lay the foundation for modern communication – and which of his inventions were considered a little too revolutionary by government agencies and the power brokers of the time. Among his discoveries are: fluorescent light, the laser beam, wireless communications, wireless transmission of electrical energy, remote control, robotics, Tesla’s turbines and vertical take off aircraft. Tesla is the father of the radio and the modern electrical transmission system. Tesla registered over 700 patents worldwide. His vision included power from the sea, exploration of solar energy, the discovery of cosmic radio waves, and the use of the ionosphere for scientific purposes. He foresaw interplanetary communications and satellites.


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Nov 09
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My Brilliant Brain is a compelling three part documentary series exploring the incredible inner workings of the human brain. The programmes look at a group of remarkable people and poses questions about the origins of genius: are these extraordinary abilities genetic, developed or acquired by accident?


           Watch Online:


                        PART 1 - Make me a Genius

                        PART 2 - Accidental Genius

                        PART 3 - Born Genius


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