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Jul 09
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Terry Jones' Medieval Lives is a 2004 Emmy award nominated television documentary series produced for the BBC. Written and hosted by Terry Jones, each half-hour episode examines a particular Medieval personality, with the intent of separating myth from reality.


The episode The Peasant was nominated for Outstanding Writing for Nonfiction Programming at the 2004 Emmy Awards.


               Watch Online:


                                1. The Peasant

                                2. The Monk

                                3. The Damsel

                                4. The Minstrel

                                5. The Knight

                                6. Philosopher

                                7. The Outlaw

                                8. The King

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Terry Jones' Barbarians is a 4-part TV documentary series first broadcast on BBC 2 in 2006. It was presented and written by ex-Python Terry Jones, challenging the received Roman and Roman Catholic notion of the barbarian.


Professor Barry Cunliffe of the University of Oxford acted as consultant for the series. 


          Watch Online:


                                1. The Primitive Celts

                                2. The Savage Goths

                                3. The Brainy Barbarians

                                4. The End of the World

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